6 Tips on How to Design a Kitchen Remodel

6 Tips on How to Design a Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen is an area of your home that you likely spend a lot of time in each day. So, it’s quite likely you’re a little bored with it. Or maybe you find the set up of your kitchen just doesn’t work well for you and your family. Doing a kitchen remodel is a lot easier than moving, and with these easy tips, it shouldn’t put you or your family out too much.


Think About What You Would Change


A great place to start planning your kitchen remodel is to think about what you don’t like about the kitchen you currently have. Are you always looking for more counter space? Do you wish the refrigerator was closer to the oven? Could you use more burners on your stove? Make sure all these things get planned into your kitchen remodel.

You’ll also want to ask your family for their input on their ideas for the kitchen design — particularly if they use the kitchen a lot.


Get Your Budget Ready in Advance


Figure out how much you can realistically spend on your kitchen remodel before you start looking around at things to buy. If you begin to spend freely, these things will quickly add up. And it’s a good idea to give yourself a 20% buffer on any remodelling or renovation project to cover any issues which come up unexpectedly.


Keep What You Can


If any or all of your appliances are still in good working order, keeping them will save you a fair bit of money. The same goes for if you like your cabinets or flooring. You can always move them within the space or plan around them.


Research What You Like


Visit some home stores, look online, set up a Pinterest board, or flip through some décor magazines to start getting some ideas about the look you’d like to see. Also, think about which colours and designs you’d like to see in your kitchen remodel. But don’t forget to take into consideration the colours and design of adjacent rooms to your kitchen to keep with the overall flow of your home.


Think About Where to Put Your Microwave


Some people keep their microwaves on the counter or on a cart in the corner of the kitchen. If this works well for you, there’s no need to change it, but to get some space back, consider mounting it within your cabinets or above your stove.

However, if you’re going to put your microwave up higher, make sure that everyone who uses it can access it. If you have younger or shorter family members, above the stove may not be a good idea. Also, placing it above the stove may work well for you if you’re the only one cooking, but if other family members often heat up food in the mornings while you’re standing at the stove, this could cause a jam up in the kitchen. Consider all uses before you design.


Consult With a Professional


While these tips will help you come up with a basic design for your kitchen, there’s, unfortunately, a lot more to think about. Living through having your kitchen ripped up for a few weeks will be tough enough, so why stress yourself out over having to plan the design, too?!


Luckily, if you choose to work with Bennefield Construction for your kitchen remodel, you get access to our professional interior designer. They’ll be able to come up with some ideas for your kitchen design based on your needs and wants. Our knowledgeable, skilled tradespeople will complete your remodel quickly, safely, and efficiently to leave you with your dream kitchen. Contact us today with any questions or to get started on your kitchen remodel.