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Is It Worth Building a House Addition?

Is It Worth Building a House Addition?

Do you love your home but now in a situation where you need one or two more rooms to live comfortably? Perhaps you’re feeling torn about building a home addition or moving to (or building) a brand new, bigger home. Is building a home addition really worth it? Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before you decide.


Do You Have the Space for a Home Addition?


If your home is on a tiny lot or you’re not willing to give up any yard space, then perhaps an addition isn’t the best option. Of course, you can always build a second floor or build above a garage. However, you need to consider if your neighbourhood bylaws allow it or if your neighbours feel imposed.


Do You Love Your Neighbourhood?


If you’re close to your work, your kid’s schools, and all the other amenities you often use, you’re likely not willing to leave your neighbourhood. So, unless you can find or build a new home near where you are, building a home addition may be your best option.


What Type of Space Do You Need?


If you only want a larger kitchen or one more bedroom, more options are available to you. These are usually reasonably easy home additions, but if you want something more simple, you could find another home with these specifications fairly quickly. However, if you now require an accessible space with a larger hallway or bigger bathroom, you may need to do a home addition, so you get what you need.


Do You Have a Lot of Time & Patience?


We know that moving can be stressful, but planning and building a home addition is typically an even more stressful process!

First, you need to plan the addition and potentially find another place to stay during the home construction process. Then, you have to hire contractors and other workers, as well as make sure you get the proper permits and follow all the rules for building. Take time to discuss the options with your family to decide how everyone would like to proceed.


What’s Your Budget Like?


Unless you have your heart set on doing a home addition, you should take some time to weigh the costs before making your final decision. Depending on how significant your home addition(s) are, these costs can quickly skyrocket. Hiring consultants, home builders, cost of materials, and getting the proper licences and permits to build can add up. Not to mention the expenses you may incur if you have to move out of your home during the home construction.

Most of the time, building home additions will increase your home’s value — which is excellent if you’re thinking of selling in the next few years. But you should take a look at how much it will cost you to custom build a whole house or move to another home.


Are You Still Confused?


If you’re still unsure about going ahead with your home addition, or if you’re not sure how much it will be versus a whole custom build, contact us at Bennefield Construction.

We can help you weigh your pros and cons, and our on-staff interior designer will help you come up with some design plans to fit into your space and budget. Contact us today!