Choosing the Right Windows for Your New Home

Choosing the Right Windows for Your New Home

If you’re about to have your dream home constructed, or you’re in the middle of a major remodel, you certainly have a lot of decisions to make! And which windows you’ll put in is just one of the choices you’ll have to make when planning your home design. But with so many options out there, it can be hard to know what to choose. Here are a few questions to ponder to help you narrow down your choices before starting your home construction.


What Type of Window Do You Want?


There are lots of different types of windows — too many for us to mention! But here are some of the most common types you’ll see in homes. Once you decide which type would work best for your home, you can then ask your designer or window company for similar options.


Single or Double Hung Windows. These are probably the most common type of windows you see in homes. They have two sashes (the part that holds the glass) that fit into the frame. When you have a single hung window, only the bottom sash slides up and down. While with double-hung windows, both sashes slide.


Awning Windows. These are the windows that resemble awnings because they are hinged at the top and opened by tilting the window out and up.


Casement Windows. These windows are generally one large sash that is opened vertically by using a lever or mechanism to swing it out.


Slider Windows. These windows slide side to side to open and are ideal for when they’re placed along a side of the house where a swing window would impede the space outside.


Picture Windows. These windows don’t open at all, but they offer exceptional viewing opportunities and lots of natural light.


What Type Of Materials Do You Want?


Again, windows can be made from many different types of materials. However, most people choose wood or vinyl as other choices typically aren’t as energy-efficient.


Vinyl. Vinyl windows have become very popular in the last few years because they look great, are maintenance-free, offer great value, and provides excellent insulation.


Wood. Wood is beautiful and still a top choice for windows because it looks luxe and provides fantastic insulation. However, wood does require some maintenance to keep it rot-free and looking its best.


Vinyl Clad. If you love wood windows but don’t want to deal with the full maintenance, vinyl-clad is your happy medium. They give you the look of wood on the inside with a vinyl coating on the outside.


How Do You Want Your Windows To Perform?


In addition to the style of your windows, you’ll need to take some other window performance benefits into consideration.


Sound Resistance. If you live close to your neighbours or are concerned about excess noise, make sure you look for sound-control windows.


Energy Efficiency. Of course, energy efficiency is big on everyone’s mind. Find out which types of windows will save you the most money on heating and cooling costs.


UV Control. Look for windows with UV control, or ask about UV coatings to prevent those dangerous rays from coming in. UV rays not only can damage your skin but your carpet and furniture as well!


As you can see, there’s a lot of decisions to be made when choosing your windows. If you’re working with us at Bennefield Construction, you’ll get professional house design estimates and a variety of options to suit your needs. Contact us to get started on your custom build.