How to Choose the Right Layout for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Layout for Your Home

Picture this for a second. You go to view a home, and it’s the perfect size. It has all the bedrooms and bathrooms you need, and it checks off all the boxes on paper. Once you get inside, however, something‘s off. The space, while true to the noted square footage, doesn’t appear to reflect that size at all.

This example, in a nutshell, highlights why it’s essential to have the right layout for your home. No matter how large a home is, a poor layout can kill the entire space. It’s the same reason why some smaller homes feel bigger than others with more square footage. The difference is in the house design itself. The home builders had a well-executed plan when it came to the layout.

Of course, everyone’s definition of the “right layout” will be different. People are particular about what they want and have every right to be. With that in mind, there are universal aspects of creating a layout that need to be addressed by everyone. We’re here to help point you to some of those aspects so you can choose the right layout for your home.


Identify Your Wants & Needs


Before you ever get to the viewing or home construction phase — you need to clearly identify your wants and needs. All you have to do is create a checklist of things you would expect in your dream home. Whether it’s multiple bedrooms because you have a big family or tons of storage for your household items, you need to make your wants and needs clear from the start.

It’s also crucial to decipher between your wants and needs. Wants are things you can probably do without but are based on personal taste and enjoyment. Needs are things that your dream house must include by any means. For example, you might want a home theatre, but you may have to compromise because you need another bedroom.


Size Matters… To An Extent


While size only addresses one element of a home construction project, it’s still an important one. If you don’t have enough square footage to fit your lifestyle, the space won’t work no matter how good the layout is. This is especially critical for families as you simply need more space for people to inhabit on a day-to-day basis.

With the right layout and home design, the size of the home does have some wiggle room, though. This is why you need to carefully vet the space before purchasing. Or if you’re starting from scratch, customize the area to maximize all that square footage in smart and inventive ways so there’s no wasted space.


Find Inspiration


It’s one thing to see an unfurnished space and ponder the possibilities, and it’s another to see a living, breathing space with people already living in it. Drawing inspiration from other homeowners is one of the best ways to find out what layout works (and doesn’t work) for you. You may even find something that you didn’t want before actually looks a lot better in person.

Sometimes, the actual home flow of a space you had in mind doesn’t work when you see it in practice. Make sure you visit plenty of family and friends to take notes of their spaces. Find out where they spend the most time in their home and match it up with your own lifestyle to see how you can make the best of your layout.

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