Top Interior Design Trends for Spring 2020

Top Interior Design Trends for Spring 2020

Spring is a great time to think about switching up your interior décor. And this year, there are so many fun interior design trends to choose from, from bold pops of colour to calming elements of nature. Here are just a few we like:


Embrace Sustainability


Sustainability has been a buzz word for a few years now — but it’s really starting to come into home décor in 2020! You’ll find several Canadian companies (and a lot right here in B.C.) who sell pillows, linens, and even tables and other furniture they’ve crafted using sustainable materials. And most of these companies will even do custom orders to match your existing décor or so you can find what you want perfectly.


Why Not DIY?


To keep with the theme of sustainability — why buy new when you can refresh something old?! Repurpose some of your old out of date furniture into new décor. Do you have a table you no longer use? Sand it down, paint it, and use it as a desk in another room. Reupholstering chairs and sofas can freshen up your room without having to actually get new furniture.


Go Green


No, we’re not still talking about sustainability (although you can absolutely mix this trend with sustainable items!) — we’re talking about the colour green. Green is a very popular colour for everything décor related this Spring — cabinets, tiles, walls, bedding, and linens, just to name a few things. Explore various shades of soothing green for all different areas of your home and bring the look and calmness of nature into your living space.


…Or Navy


Classic Blue is the 2020 Pantone Colour of the Year, so you’ll see a lot of décor pieces and paint around in this classic navy colour. It’s the ideal colour for painting accent walls or for using as a trim for lighter walls, re-doing your cabinets, recovering a chair in your living room, or replacing your linen.




Keeping with the nature theme of Spring 2020, florals are a huge interior design trend this year! Florals come back into style almost every spring — and this year, they’re huge. Wallpaper is still totally on-trend and floral wallpaper on an accent wall (try it in the kitchen!) always looks great. 

And don’t worry, we know you’re probably picturing the floral wallpaper your Grandparents had up on their walls, but this season’s florals are bigger and bolder — and a whole lot more modern. If you’re still hesitant, try one of the new easy-to-use stick-on wallpaper.

Of course, actual flowers will liven up your area as well. Buy real or faux flowers in spring colours and scatter them throughout your home as décor. Fill up some old glass milk bottles with water and place your fresh flowers inside. Or paint a can with the label peeled off, fill it with marbles or foam base and make a bouquet out of your faux flowers.


Wicker & Rattan


Wicker is something else from your grandparent’s day, which you may remember. But this season’s wicker and rattan pieces are modern and fresh. Pick up a chair or two, a table, or simply a basket as an accessory for on your end table to add a balanced look to your room.


As you can see, Spring 2020 offers a lot of home decor trends. Choose one, or incorporate a combination of these interior design trends into your home.

But if you’re looking for a bigger change this spring, don’t forget that Bennefield Construction can help you with your renovations as well as custom build projects. Contact us today for more information.